6 Honest Questions Wives Have About Their Husbands

6 Honest Questions Wives Have About Their Husbands

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Many people believe that couples know everything when it comes to each other, especially after a few years of being married. But, that is rarely ever the case. There are still some secrets, even though harmless, that both of them have. And, these secrets can lead to curiosity, which in turn, can give birth to numerous questions. Can you relate to this? Do you have some questions in your head that you really want to ask your husband? And, some of these can put your adorable partner in a sweet spot. So, think before asking. Here, we bring you some of these questions:

1. What Does He Like The Most About You?

What Does He Like The Most About You

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Of course, compliments feel nice. Your partner might like your dressing sense or a new hairdo. At times, he might talk about how you smell quite nice or how witty you are. But, haven’t you always wondered what it is that he likes the most about you? Is it your smile, your eyes, or your wit that keeps him going? However, this question would require him to go deep into his subconscious and might even scare him as to whether he will get it wrong.

2. Does He Think You Are Fat?

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This is a question that can perturb most women out there. After all, the standards of hotness set by the media and the society can seem impossible to attain at times. But, this question seems worse than a ticking bomb to a man. To be honest, there is no win-win situation when it comes to this. If he says ‘yes’, it will break your heart. And, if he says ‘no’, then you might end up launching a full-blown missile of followup questions at him, which can frankly be even scarier.

3. Does He Feel Proud Of You?

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Of course, your partner is proud of you and somewhere deep inside, you know it too. But, it is always a good feeling when someone says it out loud. Having to manage both professional commitments and household responsibilities might make you all nervous. And, you might also have a moment of self-doubt as to whether you are doing it right. So, it is pretty natural to seek that reassurance. Just remember not to put him in a spot.

4. What Is A Complete No-No For Him?

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Even though you might not want to accept this, it can be fun to push his buttons once in a while. But, remember not to cross the line as it might end up making him super angry. And, how do you figure out what his threshold is? When he is in one of his playful moods, you can casually ask him such questions. But, try to keep these questions as harmless as possible.

5. What Is His Relationship With The Almighty?

What Is His Relationship With The Almighty

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In India, culture and faith can be one of the topmost priorities. And, with them come a huge number of deities and festivals too. With all this in the picture, this question seems almost inevitable. The questions can range from “Does he pray every day?” to “Does he have as much faith in you as he has in God?” While these questions may worry you day and night, be sure not to give him any ultimatums when it comes to these things. After all, his beliefs are entirely his and you need to find a way to accept that.

6. What Makes Him Happy About Your Marriage?

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The answer to this question is surely going to make you happy. So, if you are planning to ask this, don’t hold yourself back. This union is important to each person and understanding what makes him happy can help strengthen your bond even further.

If you really wish to, you can ask him these questions. You can also choose to keep quiet and get the answers by just looking at his actions or gestures. After all, actions can be louder than words. So, ladies, all the best!

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